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What is an ABA Therapist?

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  • An ABA therapist/tutor who carries out the direct 1:1 therapy with the individual under the supervision of a BCBA.

  • They can be full-time therapists in the field, classroom assistants, nursery staff, students of Psychology or ABA.

  • Often parents can be their child's therapist too.

  • All therapists must be supervised by a BCBA.

  • They are not permitted to carry out any assessments, programme design or make changes without the direct supervision of a BCBA.

  • At PATHWAY TO LEARNING we help families recruit, train and supervise all ABA therapists. More recently our packages have included a direct therapist (Elaine, Sarah or Jenny) when availability and location suits.

  • The therapist generally works in your home but can also shadow in schools, nurseries, social groups or at peer play sessions or community trips.  ABA is not only carried out at a therapy table.

  • Some therapists can attain a certification as a Registered Behaviour Technician from the BACB but this is not a requirement. Many therapists are graduates or students of and ABA Masters but again this is not a requirement.

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