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BCBA Professional Supervision




Our advanced level training and supervision services are available to professionals seeking board certification from the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board ( Whether you want to become a BCBA, BCaBA or RBT then our supervision services from a highly experienced BCBA will suit you. We are located in N.Ireland however also offer remote supervision online. We offer group BCBA supervision at a reduced rate with a small number of attendees on a monthly basis covering all aspects of the Task List as well as skills on how to become a Behaviour Analyst.


Evelyn also offers newly accredited BCBA’s a mentoring and senior/peer supervision service being in the field of Autism and ABA for almost 20 years she is passionate about training up BCBAs to a high standard. She offers guidance and support on ethical areas of the workplace, study sessions for exam preparation and practical support on assessment tools. If you would like to find out more information about our BCBA supervision service and availability then contact us.


"Evelyn is an excellent supervisor. She has a very extensive knowledge of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), and a passion for the dissemination of her knowledge. I found myself thinking more critically whilst under Evelyn’s supervision and being able to effectively apply my foundational knowledge to my clients. Evelyn is very conceptually systematic in how she conducts her supervisions and in discussing the therapeutic environment. Her approach to supervising has not only improved my confidence as a therapist but has also allowed me to explore new ways in gaining information and applying ABA to various aspects of my life. Evelyn provided me with more than enough resources and guidance when tackling new clinical issues and encouraged independence in making decisions, which will prove valuable for life as a BCBA. Evelyn is very approachable and continuously offered support and encouraged my professional development. I feel very prepared for the BCBA exam and dually as a BCBA as a result of Evelyn’s guidance and supervision. I could not recommend Evelyn enough, and I am thankful to have had the opportunity for her to guide my practice and shape me into the behaviour therapist I am."

"I worked with Evelyn for over two years. As a program supervisor she was always professional, easy to contact and dedicated to achieving progress for all the families she worked with. As a BCBA supervisor she is supportive, encouraging and with her guidance I learned to apply the knowledge I had gained in my M.Sc. in real world settings."

Please note all testimonials are given by past Supervisees and were unsolicited.

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