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School Support Services

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Consistency of approach is key to successful learning and so we also provide school or nursery support for your child.  Typically developing children learn during every moment of every day, but for children with autism, those learning opportunities may be missed in a group or school setting. All of the child's learning environments can be supported and learning opportunities talored to teach the individual skills if they are not learning spontaneously in their educational settings.  Using the principles of ABA, our programmes work alongside educational providers to enhance your child's learning opportunities to help them make the most of every hour of every day.

In the past our school consultations and professional training services to educational staff have proved very successful.


School consultation visits may provide advice, recommendations or even intensive training in ABA for your child's teacher or assistant.  We can also contribute to Individual Educational Plan (IEP) goals to ensure relevancy and consistency of expectations.  We value being able to work collaboratively with other professionals in the field.

such as SENCO's, SALT's or OT's.

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