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What is ABA?

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is the natural science approach to observing, understanding and changing behaviour.  It was not developed in response to the rise in autism but is based on over thirty year's worth of scientific research and is a data based discipline. Behaviour Analysis is the science of behaviour and Applied Behaviour Analysis is the application of that learning theory to improve socially significant behaviours.  ABA never promises a cure but instead strives to help each individual reach their individual potential.

ABA programmes are individualised to meet the idiosyncratic needs of each client.  The client may be a parent, a child with Autism, a manager of a large firm, a teacher, a group of pupils/residents, a sports coach and so on.  It is scientific because changes are made based on data-driven decisions.  ABA endeavours to understand, explain, describe and predict behaviour.  As an applied science it attempts to enhance individual and social conditions through education, natural environmental teaching, precision teaching, verbal behaviour and other behavioural approaches as well discrete trial teaching. 

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This video by the BACB depicts the widespread application of ABA 


Due to the hundreds of research findings have been published in peer reviewed journals outlining the benefits of ABA for individuals with Autism it is now well known as the gold standard treatment for Autism worldwide.


Research shows that the more intensive this teaching and the earlier the onset of ABA the better the outcome for the child with ASD.

Published Research

Check out: ABA4ALL for a comprehensive list of research

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