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Inclusion Project

Inclusion  was a joint project ran in the summer of 2019 with Building Buddies and funded by The Fred Foundation.  It provided children with ASD a social skills group with specific skill areas assessed and taught in a group setting.  Alongside the social group the parents were then trained in ABA principles and positive parenting tools for supporting children with ASD. The four BCBAs who ran the project found it highly rewarding and the feedback was encouraging to run more groups. Unfortunately, due to lack of funding and Covid 19 it was unable to run each summer but was very successful at combining parent training with social skill development on a Saturday morning.

Testimonials from attendees:

“Excellent. Really enjoyed learning from the trainers as well as discussions and support from other parents in the same boat.”

“Excellent course, will definitely recommend it to others.”

“I have gained so much knowledge from attending this 6-week programme and my son has also learnt so much. Would like to hear of more in the future.”

“My child has invited people over and wants to plan activities with them”

“We would definitely be interested in more social skills to continue the learning”

He has loved coming each week and talks about everyone in the group with excitement”

Incusion flyer
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