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Training Services

AUTISM TRAINING:  At PATHWAY TO LEARNING we can provide individualised community/school training workshops on a variety of topics such as the Picture Exchange Communication system (PECS), autism awareness, behaviour management, toilet training, sensory behaviour management, visual supports, discrete trial training and promoting communication. Our courses are suitable for teachers, classroom assistants and related professionals working with individuals with autism or challenging behaviour and of course parents/carers of those on the spectrum.

POSITIVE PARENTING COURSES:  We also provide longer duration courses on positive parenting for the general population (not Special Needs) using a variety of curriculums, research and based on authors such as Glenn Latham, Alan Kazdin and evidence-based approaches such as the RUBI curriculum. 

ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOURAL MANAGEMENT:  in the past we have provided training to staff in residential settings and managers in the areas of performance feedback; behaviour management of clients; building rapport among staff and clients; behaviour skills training and behaviour contracts.  Individual training packages may be designed based on your organisation’s needs as well as ecological assessments or Aubrey Daniels’s PIC/NIC Analysis ®

PARENT TRAINING: all of our supervision and behaviour support packages include access to monthly training webinars via zoom by our BCBAs on a range of topics.  See here for a list of topics that have been recorded for access to all PATHWAY TO LEARNING parents, therapists, teams and associates.

RUBI parent curriculum
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