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OBM is a sub-discipline of ABA and produces behaviour change of people in the workplace using the same scientific principles as ABA for any discipline or population.  A common area addressed via OBM is Performance Management and the use of antecedent and consequence strategies to improve the performance of employees or groups of employees.  Aubrey Daniels, a Clinical Psychologist has published internationally on the topic and through his pioneering work coined the phrase ‘performance management’ and successfully applies ABA principles to the workplace.  He was also first editor of the Journal of Organizational Behavior Management in 1977.  Other OBM areas include Behavioural Systems Analysis and Behaviour-Based Safety.


Guy and Evelyn have been applying OBM techniques in the field of homelessness and in particular with the managers, leaders and staff in various projects since 2016.   As as well implementing ABA procedures with the staff and service users they have also provided bespoke professional training to these staff/managers in areas such as Behaviour management, Feedback, Behaviour contracts, rapport building skills, Behaviour Skills Training and measurement systems.

Assessments such as the PIC/NIC, ecological assessments, functional assessment and positive environment checklists have also been used successfully to support the organisations.

Feel free to get in touch if you are an organisation that could benefit from our expertise and professional training and support services in:

  • Bringing out the best in your employees

  • Increasing rapport between staff and clients

  • Effective leadership and management procedures

  • Increasing productivity in the workplace

  • The power of effective feedback

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