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Evelyn Calvin

Evelyn has been working in the field of ABA since 2002 after she obtained her Bachelor degree in Applied Psychology from the University of Ulster, Jordanstown.  She gained invaluable experience as an ABA therapist, school shadow, Child Support Programme Manager and Behaviour Consultant.  In 2008 Evelyn received her Masters degree in Applied Behaviour Analysis with distinction from the University of Ulster, Coleraine. 


In 2009 Evelyn became a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst and worked for CEAT as Consultant Behaviour Analyst and then Senior Behaviour Analyst.  Evelyn has extensive experience and knowledge in the field of ABA, Autism and EIBI and has particular interest in Video Modelling, PECS and Verbal behaviour.  In 2010 Evelyn became the first professional in Ireland/Northern Ireland to receive the Picture Exchange Communication (PECS) Implementer Certificate allowing her to train other professionals or parents in the implementation of PECS. 


Evelyn has supported educational staff in the application of behaviour analysis in many schools around Ireland. She is dedicated to obtaining the most up to date training in a variety of areas including Verbal Behaviour Analysis, PECS, OBM, Pivotal Response Training, Makaton, ACT, Supervision and Toilet Training.  Evelyn enjoys providing professional training in Behaviour Analysis to organisations, charities and schools as well as parent training in the community or directly in the home.


Evelyn provides senior and peer supervision and support to many ABA therapists, professionals and students in NI as well as the day-to-day running of PATHWAY TO LEARNING.  She is dedicated to providing evidence-based practices to those who need it most in our society as well as upholding the professional ethical standards of the BACB.

Evelyn Calvin, BSc, MSc, BCBA

Board Certified Behaviour Analyst, Director of 'Pathway to Learning'
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