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Guy is an experienced learning and development consultant and has delivered training across the UK and Ireland since 2012. Guy is skilled in performance management, management and leadership, supporting homelessness services, and non-profit organisations. Guy graduated from Queens University with a distinction in a Masters in Applied Behaviour Analysis in 2018 and is a member of the BACB (Behaviour Analysts Certification Board), the OBM Network, and the UK-Society of Behaviour Analysts Special Interest Group for OBM. In 2019 Guy presented his dissertation on teaching rapport building skills at the Division of Behaviour Analysis conference at Trinity College in Dublin. He has been using the principles of ABA and OBM since 2015. Guy's special interest is to apply ABA and OBM within the field of homelessness provision and he has a keen interest in performance management, performance feedback, precision teaching, and effective education for lasting change. Guy achieved his Board Certified Behaviour Analyst certification in 2019

Guy Poland, BTh (Hons), MSc, BCBA

Behaviour Consultant and Trainer
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