Eimear Johnston, BSc, MSc

Behaviour Therapist
Eimear has been working with children and adults with ASD in a variety of settings for the last 5 years. She has worked in school-settings, home-settings and residential care, both in Northern Ireland and the USA. Specifically, Eimear became interested in working within the field of ABA once she discovered just how effective ABA is when teaching communication skills, self-help skills, building  tolerance levels and managing behaviours which may prove challenging to the client and their overall quality of life. 
Eimear began her career in ABA in 2018 as a home-therapist based in Belfast, whilst studying the ABA Masters in Ulster University. She later traveled to Boston, USA, to work as a behaviour practitioner as part of the Ulster University placement programme. Whilst here, she gained a wealth of knowledge and experience working alongside some of the top researchers and clinicians in the field. She completed her thesis whilst working at NECC, which was a comparative analysis of the effects of both brief and continuous scheduled reinforcement on rates of responding. Eimear graduated with a Distinction in her masters in ABA from Ulster University and additionally holds an Honours degree in Psychology. Furthermore, she has obtained her 1500 clinical BCBA hours under supervision from Pathway To Learning and The New England Center for Children in Boston. 
Currently, Eimear is working as a Behaviour Practitioner within the Belfast Trust and also delivers home-therapy across Belfast, working closely with families and children with ASD under Pathway to Learning.