Welcome to Pathway to Learning


We have been providing behaviour support and training since 2012.  We specialise in early intervention for children who are developmentally delayed, on the Autism Spectrum or present with challenging behaviour.  We also work with teenagers and adults who need specialised support.


We are dedicated to only providing evidence-based approaches that achieve rapid and long lasting results.  Based in Northern Ireland we travel all over Ireland providing services to families, schools, and organisations.

What we offer



Are you the parent of a child with developmental delays or ASD or being assessed?


We fully support parents in the home to set up an ABA programme from scratch including initial assessment, goal setting, therapist recruitment and practical hands on training.  See here for further details on our home services.​

Are you a teacher or Principal that requires:

  • individualised behaviour assessment

  • staff training

  • behavioural consultation

  • home/school liaison 

then feel free to contact us for a free no obligation chat to see what we can offer.


Interested in a career in Applied Behaviour Analysis?

PATHWAY TO LEARNING offer face to face and remote supervision for those pursuing their RBT, BCaBA or BCBA certification and we meet the requirements of the BACB.  See www.bacb.com or here for further information.




All behaviour is communication. Is it?

Check out our new post on the blog section for some ramblings of a BCBA on the functions of behaviour and if communication is useful for explaining behaviour